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April 16th, 2009 by Heaven Swinging

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Swinger pure sex with other men

May 25th, 2008 by Heaven Swinging and tagged ,

It was 12.30 and I was on the last bus home, me, the driver and another bloke. Getting off at the last stop I really needed a piss so I went to the nearby public toilet, the other bloke followed me. When inside I got my cock out to piss but a twenty somthing guy came over to me and asked if he could hold my dick as I pissed! I thought it was a wind up, but he took me in hand as I pissed. I began to stiffen as he slowly wanked me and whispered in my ear that the last squirt of piss in his mouth would be payment enough. The other bloke heard all of this and enquired to the young guy “can I be next”. I was now very stiff and nearly finishing my relief, when the young guy got down on his knees, took my now erect cock in his mouth, and drank the last bit of piss. It was heaven. The other guy, who was now very excited said “me now I believe” and produced a cock that was bigger than any I had ever seen, and I have watched hundreds of blue films, the young guy was in awe! He said that as he was “special” and would he mind doing his business in private? He said O.K., and I was invited to the disability cubicle as there was more room for the three of us. The young lad, when behind a locked door, stripped down to a basque and fishnet stockings then asked me if I would come in his mouth, whilst the other guy gave him the fucking of a lifetime. He had already given me a few strokes so I thought “why not”. The other guy went to the sink and covered his cock with liquid soap, and started to pump away at the young lad who was now giving me a very expert blow job. I came in a matter of minutes and when the young lad swallowed it all, he turned to the other guy and begged him to come all over him. This he did and what a cum, it was like a fountain! The young guy then proceeded to lick both of us clean (with plenty of tongue in and around the rim of our arseholes). We then dressed and made our way home. I have since heard that this is a normal exercise for the pair, they just like to have someone watching.

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Fucking wifes mate in front of my wife

May 20th, 2008 by Heaven Swinging and tagged , ,

Whilst having a quiet night in , last saturday , with Tracey , my wife . There was a knock at the door , I answered it and standing there was Jane Traceys mate . She was upset as someone at the pub had upset her. Living next door but one to pub she came to ours to compose herself.
Anyway she was chatting to Tracey who had calmed her down and I could hear them laughing from front room where I had gone on the computer to look at SH. It looked like Jane was staying for a while so I decided to go for a pint, I went upstairs to wash and change . Whilst brushing my teeth the bathroom door opened and jane was stood there watching me “I want to pee ” she said , ” just go ahead” Tracey shouted up the stairs. With that Jane lifted her skirt and showed me a damp patch on her panties , “we were talking fantasys and mine was to fuck you and Traceys was to watch” “Its true ” said my wife who had made her way upstairs. Jane walked over to me and threw her tongue down my throat . I had not moved or said a word since brushing my teeth . Her hands were tearing open my jeans , my bulging member was aching ,I slipped her dress off her shoulders , she is about 45 and very very fuckable , my thumbs were in her knickers and down went the knickers and me , two fingers in her hole while my tongue was lapping her juices , and boy they took some lapping . Before long she was moaning , I stopped “no dont stop” she said I licked , lapped and finger fucked for all I was worth untill cum was running down her thighs , her cum tasted fantastic and i started cleaning her thighs with my tongue but was told to leave it . Not by Jane but Tracey , my wife who was standing at the bathroom door watching me licking another womans cum. Jane pulled my head up to meet hers and explored my mouth with her tongue tasting her self .She grabbed my cock she played and teased then her tongue led the way down my torso till she was licking my balls and my shaft and then my full length was in her hot and I mean hot mouth . I had to hold on to the sink to stay upright . I could only see the top of her head in the mirror but as i looked up there was Tracey , my wife , watching us while playing with her self , I groaned then nearly fell as the best orgasm I have ever had shook my body and dribbled down janes chin .Tracey had a upped the pace and was about to cum , I started to walk over to help her “fuck off”she screamed “Fuck Jane fuck Jane” Jane grabbed my cock and rubbed it between her tittys while telling me to fuck her for Tracey , who was still wanking. Well I was soon hard enough to fuck and proceeded to bend Jane over the bath opened her legs her slid my cock up her soppy wet pussy and pounded it for all i was worth Jane was moaning, “faster harder” she instruted and I obliged. I came in buckets and Jane came seconds later . we stood up looked at each other and Jane was panting again as Traceys head was between our legs lapping up both of our juices first off Jane then off me whilst Jane and me were french kissing .
What a night I went to brush teeth , 3 of us came twice and i never said a word !
Am never going out again on saturday night.

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Slut wife for use

May 6th, 2008 by Heaven Swinging and tagged , ,

I was recently on another chat site advertising for a submissive couple or female. I was contacted by a submissive slut with a cuckold husband. After chatting and swapping a few photos my newly acquired slave order her husband to drive the 50 miles or so to my house. I could hear her in the background calling her husband ‘wanker’. ‘Wanker will drive me to you house, master’, she said. During the journey down, she phoned me with a progress report - always beginning the phone conversation with ‘your slut is here master’. I ordered her to send me a photo of her pussy as she had been instructed to keep it wet with a dildo on the journey down. They arrived promptly - she was dressed as instructed in a black PVC dress, no bra - fishnet tights and freshly shaven pussy. I allowed them into my house and she stood in the living room, eyes cast downwards as per instruction. He, the wanker, stood in the corner of the room.

I unzipped her dress and exposed her large, full breasts - nipples erect with anticipation. ‘Do I please my master’, she asked. ‘Of course slut!’ I felt beneath her skirt and found her wet pussy - i inspected both pussy and ass with my fingers. Very promising.

I led her upstairs to the bedroom, where she emptied her toys onto the bed. Her husband again stood in the corner - I put some porn on for him to watch. I picked up a whip she had bought and began to whip across her ass cheeks, bending her over the bed as I did so. She began to pant heavily relishing the pain caused by her whipping. I grabbed her hair, calling her a slut and whore - how did she feel being used in front of her husband. She told me she loved it and wanted to be my slave. I spanked each of her ass cheeks harder - red marks appearing as I did so.

I thought it was about time to sample her pussy and threw her onto the bed. She was told to spread her legs wide like a cheap whore and I went down, biting the inside of her thigh. Her pussy was wet and tasted sweet and I spent no time licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips until she noisily came on my face. Picking up a black dildo I rammed her cunt until again she orgasmed. This continued for the next hour - me teasing and playing with - alternating spankings, and orgasms. I left my mark across her breasts with two lovely bite marks.

As it was her first visit she did not want penetrative sex, but begged for my cock. Her gorgeous breasts were pushed together as she knelt on the floor and I pushed my cock between them. ‘I am going to shoot over your tits slut!’ ‘Please master!’ With one hand I grapped her hair and pulled her head back and with the other wanked my hard cock until i came over her gorgeous nipples, spanking each one with the length of my shaft. I came loads and she seemed pleased as she rubbed the salty spunk into her skin.

‘Thank you master!

He husband looked up, obviously ashamed he could not deliver such response from his slut wife. ‘Say thank you to my new master, wanker’ she said.

This is my first story on here and I hope it is well received. I would love to meet more sub females and couples - so please get in touch, or feedback if you would like more stories.

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